Semi-automatic scallop cutting machine

A complete solution for cutting of embroidery and scallops on house linen, table cloths, bedsheets, pillow cases, curtains, collars for children and ladies wear.

By adjusting the feelers to the thickness of the fabric, the circular knife is cutting the fabric , but not the scallop embroidery.

Machine Baratto PR 85
  • Easy to use

  • Cutting away fabric to leave embroidery

Main features

  • Adjustable working table with inclination up to 20°
  • Integrated sensor for perfect cutting
  • Built-in grindingstones to easily sharpen the knife

Standard specifications

  • Electrical current: 220 V
  • Size: 80 x 100 x 90 cm
  • Net Weight : 47 kg
2eme serie IMG 0007

How does it work?

The Baratto PR85 works on the safe principle of a circular knife protected by two feelers. The opening between the feelers in front of the knife is adjusted according to the thickness of the fabric. When pulling the fabric through the feelers the fabric is cut precisely on the edge.

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Cutting machine

Circular knife is cutting the fabric, but the embroidery is protected by upper and lower metal feelers which are easily adjusted to the thickness of the fabric. The emboidery is much thicker, so it doesn't pass the opening between the feelers. So the knife is only cutting the fabric away, precisely on the edge of the embroidery.

The operator is cutting the first 2 cm , by hand with scissors, and then he is pulling the embroidery against the metal feelers and pulls the fabric down easily.

BAR 158 PR85

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Machine Baratto PR 85