Picot stitch embroidery machine

The CORNELY 10 is a two-needle machine with two rotary hooks and with frontpiercer and puncher. This new and improved model with "timing belt" ensures smoother operations at higher speeds.

The machine is avaible for different stitch widths from 1 to 8 mm. Stitch widths are dependent on the type of fabric and type of CORNELY 10 model.

Sample Cornely 10 3 a
  • universal machine for all types of woven fabric

  • decorative hemming on home textiles

Use of Cornely 10

This heavy duty industrial picot sewing machine is developed for the production of

  • traditional "a jour" pierced house linen: table linen, bed linen, light curtains,...
  • apparel: blouses, scarves, handkerchiefs,...

Standard models

Hereunder the different CORNELY10 models, for stitch widths in 1 operation and without preparation of the fabric :

  • CORNELY 10-2 : 1 mm wide (for very delicate fabrics)
  • CORNELY 10-3 (*) : 2 mm wide (most sold model)
  • CORNELY 10-4 : +/-3 mm wide (if not too dense)

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The hole is dependent on fabric density and sub-type of machine

In Low density fabrics (sheer curtains for example) , cornely 10-5 can be used to make a large hole in one operation.

For high density fabrics (table linen en bed linen) the CORNELY 10-3 is mostly used. It gives a clear hole. If you want to make a bigger hole in one operation. The front piercer will break the threads and a bad result will be obtained. That is why we advise to use the CORNELY 15 (thread pulling mch) , so that you can obtain good results in high density fabric.

Sample Cor 10 5
Sample Cornely 10 3 b
Sample Cornely 15 a

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Sample Cornely 10 3 a