Thread pulling machine

The CORNELY 15 thread pulling machine is developed to pull threads in one direction over a fixed width.

  • Easy to operate
  • Production of 90 meter/hour
  • Fixed width of 3, 4,... up to 12 m
  • Machine can easily be transformed to cut threads with another width
  • Only one spare part needs to be changed
Sample COR 15 2
  • universal thread pulling machine

  • Prepare the fabric for CORNELY 10

Product tour

Prepare the fabric for ladder stitch embroidery

This machine is an essential passage to make it possible to sew ladderstitch embroidery with CORENLY 10-6. The CORNELY 15 is cutting and pulling the threads over a specific width (for example 6mm) , and then in a second operation the double needle embroidery machine CORNELY 10-6 is bundling the threads to form a ladder stitch or JOURS DE VENISE stitch on home texiles.

Sample Cornely 15 b

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Sample COR 15 2