Triple chainstitch embroidery machine

This model is primarily used for the embroidery of light curtains, in many countries. Also known as “cornely curtains”.

Thanks to its universal feed movement, the Cornely N machine, equipped with 3 needle hooks is using 1 thread to sew 3 parallel rows of chainstitches on all types of materials.

Sample Cornely N a
  • 3 hooks, one thread

  • light curtains continuous embroidery

Main features

  • Speed : 800 spm
  • Electronic motor is always included
  • Net weight : 20 kg / Gross weight 25 kg (Head only)
  • Net weight : 58 kg / Gross weight 78 kg (Complete machine + Table + Motor)

Product tour

Unique machine for curtains, worldwide known for its decorative effects

No other machine in the world is making this decorative stitch of 3 rows of chainstitches next to each other , starting from one thread.

The decorative effect on light curtains is recognised worldwide under the name : CORNELY CURTAINS.

Machine Cornely N

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Sample Cornely N a