High speed industrial scalloping

The Baratto 158 is a high speed industrial machine, the ideal solution for decorative edge stitching for table and bed linen or for garments.

Mostly used on table cloths or bed linen. Because of its unique knotted stitch it is easy to cut off the excess fabric and have a beautiful scallop which is not frilling out. A large range of cams or designs makes it very user friendly. The machine is combined with the BARATTO PR85 , to cut out the embroidery.

S 1581 600
  • Scalloping machine

  • Table and Bed linen

Models of the Baratto 158

  • 158 NB : for work on fine materials - stitch width from 2.5 to 5 mm
  • 158 D : for table and bed linen - stitch width from 4 to 8 mm

Main features

  • Stitch width: from 2.5 to 8 mm
  • Maximum speed: 1800 spm
  • Two- or three-needle machine
  • Knotted stitch on the edge of each design makes for easy cutting
  • Length and depth of the scallop are adjustable
Corner dkz 2


  • DKZ 200: automatic corner making device
  • Scallop padding by inserting cord underneath the scallop
  • Narrow feed roller for double scallops
  • Fabric guiding
  • Paper holder
  • More than 100 different cam designs available

Product tour

Many designs possible

It is very easy to exchange the design cams , and the choice is large. See the overview . Also the DKZ200 option is easy to use, and allows to make a beautifull round corner as seen on the above picture.

Drawing cams 600
BAR 158 PR85

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S 1581 600